Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 60/2023
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A simple method to assess flood hazard at riverbed cross-sections applied to a site in the Italian Central Alps

Battista Taboni1
1Department of Earth Sciences, University of Turin, Via Valperga Caluso 35, 10125, Torino, Italy.
Corresponding author e-mail:

Volume: 60/2023
Pages: 78-85


In mountain environments, urbanized areas are often, if not always, located along the main river, in the valley bottom: this can lead to hazardous situations when the river itself and its features are not accounted for in a proper manner. To avoid such situations, a proper hazard and/or risk evaluation is required, even more in the wider context of a changing climate. For these reasons, the present study proposes a simple and easy to reproduce method for a preliminary evaluation of the hydraulic hazard of rivers in an alpine environment. This approach is based on easy to access and public data. The method does not provide a complete description of the hydraulic conditions of a river but is simple and highly replicable: it is intended as a tool to quickly assess the hydraulic hazard of strategic locations. A suitable site in the Central Italian Alps was analyzed to test the goodness of this method.


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