Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana - Vol. 58/2022

The geo-itinerary of “Anello della Sibilla” between sciences, history and myth: a vehicle for the renaissance of the territories affected by the earthquake using GIS technologies

Piero Farabollini1, Domenico Aringoli1, Fabrizio Bendia1, Margherita Bufalini1, Roberto Cingolani2, Emy Fuffav1, Matteo Gentilucci1, Francesco Lampa1, Francesca Lugeri1, Maurizio Mainiero2, Marco Materazzi1, Gilberto Pambianchi1, Sara Prativ3 & Geomore srl1
1University of Camerino Department of Earth Sciences.
2Gruppo Speleologico Marchigiano.
3Freelance geologist.
Corresponding author e-mail:

Volume: 58/2022
Pages: 28-33


The territory object of this work is located in the southern portion of Marche region, a few kilometers away from the main epicentres of the earthquakes of 2016-17. The “Amatrice- Visso- Norcia” is a seismic sequence that released more than 125.000 earthquakes and it is still continuing. The fear of continuous aftershocks, the unusability of houses and workspaces, of places of meeting and sharing and, frequently, of entire historic centres, together with the adopted political strategies, triggered a massive depopulation of this area. It comes from here the proposal to focus on the resources already available that do not contemplate new economic investments: the geological and cultural heritage. In this work, a multidisciplinary approach is proposed to contribute to the enhancement of one of the most spectacular and popular nature trails within the “Monti Sibillini National Park”, the “Ring of the Sibyl”, a 12 km itinerary accompanied by educational and informative information, both of a geological- geomorphological and historical-mythological character. This study permitted to produce specific thematic maps, including geological-geomorphological and historical-cultural information, intended for Earth Sciences divulgation and tourist use, where the data can be managed and processed through the creation of a Geographic Information System.


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